We offer door to door and central pickups. We can pick up at most logging, hotel, resorts, ext. In cases where door to door is not possible, we do a central meeting and pick up and drop off. Pick up times vary from 6am to 7am pending what part of Maui you are staying in.

After you have completed your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. Followed by a phone call from one of our friendly agents to set your itinerary no later than 24hr prior departure date. This includes pickup and drop-off location and times, and details of your customized tour.

Yes, we do. We follow all state and federal guidelines and laws, Maui County no longer requires mask to be worn. being that it’s a private tour mask is not required. We clean and sanitize our vehicle after every tour. masks are available in every vehicle.

Adult menu (ages 14 +): Beef Laulau, Kalua Pork, Fish of the day, Vegetarian option. Kids menu (ages 3-13):  Chicken nuggets, Chicken Strips, Mac-N-cheese. For more detail on the menu click link → http://www.test

Not a problem simply let us know when building your itinerary and we can set it all up for you.

We recommend a light Jacket, change of clothing’s, swim shoes if desired, sunscreen, bug repellant, and sunglasses.

Yes, all our tour packages come with a cultural show. The cultural show is provided by Poerava Ori Nui INC. a corporation owned and operated by native Hawaiians.

Yes, this is one of the many beautiful stops we make on the road to Hana.

Yes, you tell us what your interest are and build your private tour accordingly. Remember to bring cash as most places have no service.

All tours are custom to fit your needs. But typically, it’s an all-day event estimated 10 -12 hours long.

Yes, we service boat pickups, as we are a certified vendor. times will vary for cruise passengers. 

Yes, we do. Rainy weather will not damper the fun or experience, it only brings to life the tropical rainforest and its beauty. However, due to severe weather conditions we will cancel and do our best to reschedule or refund you in full.

No, unfortunately we cannot provide or assist in securing and infant, child car seat or buster seats due to liability you must provide your own and know how to properly secure to the vehicle and said passenger for the trip.

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"The Cultural Destination Tour" "The Cultural Destination Tour"