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We are currently only offering the road to Hana tour at this time

We are currently only offering the road to Hana tour at this time

The Road to Hana

What we provide on tour

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Tour Highlights

The Hana Highway

The road to Hana passes through a beautiful tropical rainforest it has 617 curves, 54 one-lane bridges, several steep drop-offs, with so much to see, we say leave the driving to us, so you can enjoy the breathtaking views.

East Maui Waterfalls

Magical waterfalls that are found along the Hana highway. If you ever hope to swim at a waterfall, cliff jump of a waterfall we make it happen. However, you want to spend your day is what we deliver. A private tour company that goes with the vibes and flow that keeps you wanting more.

East Maui Coastline

The East coastline is beautiful lava coastline with amazing, rare black & red sand beaches. We take you to places that you could never imagine, and experience the Maui you are hoping to see. 

Our promise

We are committed to keeping a safety-first environment. And motivated to be the best part of your stay in Maui. And creating magical lifetime memories. So, tell us your story and what brought you to Maui, we will customize your tour to tie into it and make it special jut for your tour. That is our promise.

The Coconut Grove Hana

The Coconut Grove Hana is Hana’s first cultural show. That is designed to showcase the Hawaiian culture. Enjoy an authentic cultural style lunch in a beautiful open-air pavilion. Experience the Hawaiian culture only found in the center of Hana town. 

The Coconut Grove Lunch Menu

Fresh, locally caught fish, slow simmered in coconut cream seasoned with Hawaiian rocked salt and cracked pepper.

Hawaiian rocked salt seasoned beef wrapped in taro leaves, encased with ti-leafe, steamed for 8 hours

Hawaiian rock salt seasoned pork, wrapped in ti-leaves, roasted for 6 hours then shredded to moist perfection.

Fresh picked pohole fern shoots from the valleys of East Maui, tossed with Hana farmed greens in a soy sesame vinaigrette.

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